Most great achievements begin with a dream. At SSS we still nurture our dream of a cooler world with uPVC windows. With climate change being the top concern of environmentalists and common citizens alike, we wanted to help make a comfortable difference in a very uncomfortable situation. From here was born our company SSS that helps you face the elements of nature when they are unruly. But just being another company that offered uPVC windows was not something that we wanted to be. We made sure that we would do better and offer only the best value to our customers. Soon enough our perseverance paid off and we became channel partners with Deceuninck of Belgium. Deceuninck is one of the top 3 players in Europe in its sector, active in more than 75 countries across Europe, North America and Asia, and are home to 2,821 employees – of which 670 in Belgium – working in 35 production and/or sales facilities. Deceuninck is listed on the Euronext stock exchange, and realised worldwide sales of over 536 million euro in 2011.

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Our Features

Thermal Insulation

Our systems have got you covered in all climates, by maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home. Deceuninck’s patented design keeps you insulated in all weather conditions

Maintenance Free

Tired of expensive maintenance and regular repainting? Not anymore, Deceuninck windows and doors systems are maintenance free and only requires periodic quick and easy cleaning which does not involve any further costs.

High Sound Insulation

We cannot put a price on peace and quiet, our systems offer just that. Protection from unwanted and disturbing noises and an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in our homes and office spaces.

Termite Resistance

Timer or wooden windows are often destroyed by termites. Our Deceuninck windows and doors systems are completely resistance to termites and other pests, due to scientifically developed compound technology.

Water proof and Leak proof

One of the main assets of Deceuninck systems is its water tightness, resistance to driving rain and no detriment to its surface-finish or performance, making it suitable for all weather conditions.

High Security

Our scientifically developed fittings and fixtures are repeatedly tested and certified to ensure the best solution to increased safety in your home. Safe and Secure.



Swing and open doors and windows, can be customized to be side hung or top hung. They offer uninterrupted views and large seamless openings. Superior sound and heat insulation with 4 chamber system.


Our sliding systems offer a wide variety of customizations, we offer two, three and even four track options across our range of sliding windows and doors systems. Heavy duty ball-bearing rollers provide smooth and easy operation.


One of the most significant necessities is our Flyscreen and mosquito mesh sliders that absolutely prevent the entry of any type of insects or flies using a double brush application and keeping your home disease free.


In-open windows, while they offer the same uninterrupted views and large seamless openings as casement windows, they also offer provision for top(tilt) ventilation. Superior sound and heat insulation with 4 chamber system.


Combination Windows add value with their own innate uniqueness by clubbing together the features of two or more window systems for forming the perfect bespoke window for you.


Our elegant concertina doors are sure to be the ‘wow’ factor that seamlessly connect our outdoor and indoor spaces. This simulates a glass wall between two openings which can be folded smoothly for those special family occasions.


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